Book Review: The Eyes of Darkness – Dean Koontz

511npi8unglHere goes my next book, it’s called “The Eyes of Darkness” by one of my wife’s favorite authors, Dean Koontz (ISBN 978-0425224861).

This is the first time I read a story that is able to merge is the right proportion suspense, action, romance and the paranormal. This last seems to be the central part of the particular signature of Koontz and in this book, although part of the plot, the action and suspense elements make a quite good story.

In a big overview, Christina Evans lost his son in a terrible accident and her marriage couldn’t survive this tragedy. After a year of slow and painful recovery, Christina is trying to retake her life with a new job and even perhaps a new romance until one night a strange sound in the house takes her to the room of his dead son, Danny, just to find an ominous message that will unleash race full of suspense and adventure in the search for the truth behind that accident.

The story happens in Nevada in the 80’sand somehow was refreshing reading a story that doesn’t abuse of technology to keep the main characters entertained in a mystery and following the style of the X Files, develops a paranormal conundrum.

I got the impression that after finishing, there were a couple of loose ends, nothing so terrible that would compromise the story’s integrity but still.

About the author himself, he has over 110 books in his professional career plus some essays and short stories, his genre is usually considered as suspense and mystery but as I mentioned before, he also incorporates elements of terror and the paranormal. Some of his books have been made movies and he has published also under several pseudonyms along his life.

I liked this book for a Sunday with some iced tea.


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