Book Review: Wind/Pinball – Haruki Murakami

41roxyluiklAnd I’m just done with another book… I found this one at Barnes & Noble this past weekend. We went to escape some rowdy people that came to the house to see how was going one of my daughters.

Among the many books I got that day, one was written by Haruki Murakami of whom I became a fan after reading Norwegian Wood 4 years ago. I got a double book (ISBN: 978-0385681810), composed by the very first two fiction novels Haruki ever wrote. He calls them his “kitchen table novellas” because that’s where he wrote them.

The format of the book is just terrific! Starting from the main cover comes “Hear the Wind Sing” his very first novel. Almost like everything else I have read from him, his line of fiction develops around someone’s life, though not quite in a biographic sense. Is more like reading a tale about the real and common life with all the peculiarities and weirdness that only life has to offer. With happy and nostalgic tones just the same. Tragedy, sex, romance, dead and the central topic of having lost something.

This story is narrated in 1st person, and tells us about a romantic relationship that never blossomed, about the stigma left after a six month relationship with a girl before she committed suicide last semester, a debt paid with a record by the Beach Boys and the eternal philosophical discussions with the friend and bar and beer sidekick, that in his quality of wealth, despises his very own social kind.

Taking the book upside down and starting from the back cover we get the second story, Pinball. This is located 3 years after the previous one and although it is not entirely a sequel, it does let us know about the future of the bar sidekick we met before. This story is about another character, we learn about his language translation company, about his house intimate life with twins that he can’t tell apart from each other and the search for an old Pinball machine and the catharsis that comes after he finds it.

Reading Murakami is always a very interesting journey…


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