Book Review: Blindness – Jose Saramago


Although I must confess that I haven’t been as diligent with my daily exercise as with my reading, I will tell you about my next book this year, Blindness y Jose Saramago (ISBN 978-0156007757).

I got this one in a used books store and how I love to get used books! I am a fan of going to the stores and wander among narrow aisles full of bookshelves that cover from the floor to the ceiling, endless rooms full of letters and stories, information and knowledge, to the reach of my hand, hidden behind the overwhelming scents that in the best of the cases, are just of old paper and in the worst ones, of cat trapped in that mini world of cushioned audio and scarce oxygen, just as if the books were breathing and they would keep with their own silence the peaceful library-like atmosphere.

But I am diverting… In a quick recap, the book explores the peculiar situation of a human kind that suddenly goes blind, first just a few but after some days, everyone. It follows closely the life of the people that got affected first and from their perspective we (ironically) see the social, psychological and political consequences of such odd epidemic.

The reading is quite an experience itself, the fluent dialogue and without drama, keeps you hanging to the edge of the seat through the whole run. My first impression is that Saramago managed quite smartly the answers to the simplest questions anyone would ask in such situation and without redundancies or metaphors, it makes a statement of the most cruel and horrible extents of the human kind.

Sometimes the reading becomes raw, aggressive and full of all those tones anyone would avoid in a normal conversation that left a sad impression on me since what is being described in this fictional story, very well could happen.

I recommend to take time to read this book and go through it piece by piece, letting every little bit to soak and fill your reading.


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