Book Review: Interview with the Vampire – Anne Rice

51jzcfce-ilJust finishing my next book for this year, Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice (ISBN 978-0345337665).

I must say that it took me some time to get used to Rice’s narrative style , or perhaps was just the way in which Louis, the main charater, tells his own life story to the news reporter.

I found the book full of romanticism and old European passion, the constant non-sexual erotic approach in which Anne, in the voice of Louis expresses the feeling and thoughts of a being that cannot die of natural causes, the questionings and confusion that comes with immortality, the everlasting wishes and desires.

In a very elegant way, it explores deep questions about the true nature of the human and its existence and after all, its loneliness.

Though I had watched the movie with Tom Cruise (in a unforgettable representation of Lestat) and Bradd Pitt (suffering in the skin of Louis), I found myself enjoying with the images of these two playing the main characters while reading the book afterwards. While the movie obviously does not make justice to the full extent of the book, the pieces that were left out were to me the cherry at the top.

I am mildly curious to read the next episodes in the Vampire Chronicles, but for now I have some other one in my bucket, we’ll see.


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