What if…?

Dear Vic,

It’s been a while since the last time we talked, since the last time I wrote to you. It has been a really complicated year. In another time I probably would have said that you have had a “fun year” but I have learned somethings this last year and I want to tell them to you.

What’s wrong with you Vic? Why do you feel angry and sad? That’s because You don’t feel complete. That’s the why. You have your own life in your hands and you have had it since some time ago, but now You don’t want to. What you really want for one time is to stop all the thinking and stop all the feeling and just realize who the fuck You are.

You just want to be nothing at all, because You strive for any new puzzle, any new challenge all the time. You have this compulsion to search something to understand, once You’ve did so you pass it away and that’s bad because You’re just earning to be alone.

What the hell with your heart? What the hell with all your fucking and mind twisted love? Can you feel that you have good reasons and bad reasons to take this new leap? How do you feel at all? I really don’t know, I don’t know what to say to you Vic to try to make this easier…

You searched for love, then you have it, and you cannot… Just leave it, I’m tired, and you are too… Leave this and leave all and fuck the world once again…

Sincerely, Vic


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