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Vi este video hace unos dias… y me dio mucha risa:

“…here and there, out and around, round and about, hither and fither, to and frow, back and forth, up and down, in and out, over and under, hippity hoppity, round the corner, over the river n’ through the woods, lickity split, clocking the jizz lmao, grinding the axe up to no good, licking the bun, good and plenty, lolly gagging around, making the rounds, painting the town red, packing the load, hugging a tree, skinning the dog, skip to my loo, sewing my oaths, passing the stone, shooting the breeze, jumping the fence, humping the horse, dancing a jig, zippin the sound, flexing the pants, roobin my do, cracking the pea, licking the chicken, pinching the penny, dosido SHUT UP!”